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Acquisition Services
Property Valuation
Transactin Management
Disposition Services
Equity Placement


Focus on understanding our clients long term needs and developing an acquisition strategy based on those needs.


Leverage our expertise and our relationships to increase the probability of winning deals that may have multiple offers.


Utilize all available technologies to comb through both on and off-market deals that fit our clients needs.


Ability to place capital at a local, regional and national scope.


Our valuation and advisory services are designed to deliver insight into a property's fundamentals, its competitors, and the overall market dynamics affecting value, now and in the future.


We believe that valuation can be a strategic asset for investors and owners, provided that reporting is clear, prompt, and addresses the big picture.


Through our experience, we develop marketing strategies that maximize value for our clients.


Capture real-time market feedback that allows us to direct our marketing campaign specifically to market demands.


Local, regional, and national exposure across multiple listing services and advertising options.


Clients have transparency into the marketing process which allows them to hold us accountable for what we commit to doing in marketing an asset.


For clients who want an intermediary to handle the escrow or under contract process, we provide services in managing the entire transaction process.  


We will vet the buyer, coordinate with third parties, schedule and monitor all inspections, and ensure a prompt and efficient closing.


We provide both landlord and tenant rep leasing services. Whether it is office, industrial, or retail, we have the experience and expertise in fulfilling the needs of our clients.


Over the years we have developed close relationships with many syndicators around the country.  This allows us to provide an additional service to our clients in helping them find opportunities in which they can participate in a syndication allowing them to benefit from ownership of commercial real estate without the headache of management.

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